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A long overdue update

Wow hey hi it sure has been a year and a day since my last update, huh…

Yeah, I know, right, I graduated with the Master of Communication (with Distinction, I shall have you all know), so why have I been so quiet?

Thing is, as well as the MComm, I also have a Master of Depressive Brainweasels, which is to say that I spent most of the latter half of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 struggling to do All The Things. Finish the MComm! Get The Fear Collectors self-published as part of that! Start a new full-time job in a different department in September! The list goes on; I’ve been feeling like someone is periodically dropping bricks of pure condensed stress on my head. Hoppy ship, as my friend Iggy would say. But a year is far too long for anyone to leave their website unattended. I had to clean spam out of the corners before I could post.

So! Here are some writing news updates from me.

I have a new psychologist (well, she was new in September, she’s less new now). That’s not a writing update per se, but she’s told me I have to accept compliments, even if it’s just with a ‘thank you’. So when people say nice things about me, I have to at least say ‘thank you’. It makes me think about the things they say, even if what I think is ‘augh, they’re just saying that because I was stupid enough to mention the compliments thing and they’re checking to see how often I can accept a compliment before I explode in a burst of tightly contained self-deprecation’.

This includes writing compliments. Compliments like seeing my story ‘Tea Party’, from Defying Doomsday, on the very-long-list for the Aurealis Awards. It didn’t come near the shortlist, but someone who was not me liked it enough to put it there. Plus Defying Doomsday itself is up for Best Anthology, and ‘Did We Break the End of the World?’ by Tansy Rayner Roberts is up for Best YA Short Story and Best SF Novella, which makes me absurdly happy for her. I’m genuinely just happy that someone thought of me to put me in the list at all.

Thank you.

Compliments like seeing ‘Tea Party’ again on the super-long-list for the Ditmar Awards, along with The Fear Collectors–again, because someone who was not me put them there.

Thank you.

And compliments like when I asked A.C. (Andi) Buchanan if I might submit to Capricious three days after the deadline. They said yes, as long as I had the MS ready, which I hurled at them (via email, not physically) about thirty seconds later. The real compliment being that ‘Island, Ocean’ was accepted and will be published in the Gender Diverse Pronouns issue of Capricious, due out in October.

Thank you, Andi. I promise not to be an authorzilla.

And thank you everyone who supports me in so many ways with my writing. I will try to keep doing it, because on the days where my brain is buried cerebellum-deep in weasels and fog, those compliments can be the one thing that keeps them at bay.

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Stirring the subject stew

When I was doing my BA, back in 2002-2004, I planned out my whole three year course, subject by subject, from the subject handbook available at the start of 2002. I stuck to it exactly except for one subject that got cancelled (it was an editing subject, and I was furious).

If I could go back I would maybe have ditched the Italian (I did it from Prep to year 12, minus year 9, which was the year of the class trip to Italy. I was the best in year 12 and the worst in first year uni), and done some more Linguistics or something. Maybe a Science subject of some description.

For my Grad Dip in Editing and Publishing it was all a set course so I did what I was told.

Now I’m doing the MComm and things have gone all skew-whiff. I had this plan mapped out. Year One, Semester One was fine (although Story, Genre, Medium was more screenplay-based than I thought). Year One, Semester Two went half-wrong because I disliked Electronic Publishing, so I ditched it and used recognition of prior learning to not have to find a make-up subject at five weeks into semester.

Everything I planned for Years Two and Three is stuffed because, of the ~18 electives offered for the MComm when I started the course in 2014, there are only 4 being offered in 2015, and I’m only interested in one of them. So I’ve been emailing around, and now the outline for the next two years looks like this:

Year Two

Semester One

COMM1179 Law and Regulation

Semester Two

COMM1229 Media And The Law (if it’s not too similar to Law and Regulation)

Year Three

Whatever’s compulsory by then, IDK

Normally I’d be panicking if something I had planned out this much was as uncertain as this now is. I’ve always liked it when things go according to plan (although I would also love a surprise party or holiday!). But in the last few years I’ve had some massive ups and downs in my work life and personal life. I now work in three different roles at my workplace and I’ve been in and out of hospital with depression. These things have, I think, made me more adaptable to change.

Also more determined to figure out how the fuck to get the mail merges I do for the finance department to display response dates Australian style, as per the spreadsheet they’re drawing from, instead of American style, which I have to manually change each time, but that’s another story.

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