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Acceptance: The Vector Calibration (for Intertwined, LT3)

I got the contract for this emailed through today and now I’m second guessing the title and fretting about my Facebook presence and augh.

But! Book! (Well, novella.) Long enough to get a print copy! I am excited.

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Acceptance: The Fear Collectors (Satalyte Publishing)

I’ve actually known about this since last November, but due to the holiday period and busyness on both ends, it wasn’t until today that I officially have a contract signed by me and Stephen Ormsby of Satalyte Publishing, for my novel The Fear Collectors. I have it right here on my desk. I may or may not be petting it lovingly between sentences.

It’s YA horror/fantasy. Think R.L. Stine (Fear Street more than Goosebumps) or Christopher Pike and that’s pretty much the vibe that my (hopefully!) cover artist Lucy Fekete got when she read it. Lucy has already made progress on a cover mock-up that’s super creepy and that I’m keeping my fingers crossed can be used. We work together and she has already illustrated a picture book written by one of our co-workers, Bronwyn Heeney, as well as many other projects, so I knew her style was what I wanted for The Fear Collectors.

I don’t have a publication date at present, but you can be sure I will make many more excited noises about this as it progresses.

Gods all bless, little book. I didn’t know which book would be the first, but with any luck, The Fear Collectors won’t be the last. (Because it sure as shit ain’t no To Kill a Mockingbird – oh, wait…)


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