Four more sleeps til C13

Well, yes, for most people Continuum 13 begins on Friday the 9th of June.

But I am not most people! I am Super Secretary!

(How much sleep have I had? Answer: not a lot.)

Checking into the hotel a day early to give myself time to settle in and not be doing what I did last year when I checked in on the day of the con and was instantly thrown into the hurly-burly. Although having said that I’m helping pick up one of our Guests of Honour at the airport (bag-carrying!Lauren).

I’ve been so busy putting the conbook together, making badges and signs and I don’t even know what else, I’ve probably forgotten most of it. Oh! Gravestones! Every good Maskobalo needs gravestones. I’ve discovered it’s harder than you’d think to get blood to stay on lace, and planned most of my wardrobe down to the last sock.

And there’s still so much to do! I’ve got to re-dye my hair, laminate the signs, actually pack my suitcase, triple-check my food budget, and schedule a time where I can go lie face down on my bed at the hotel with MTV playing and just pretend I don’t exist for a little while. Each day is end to end planned out, but there’s always time for a mini-breakdown, right?

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