Continuum X and MComm update

I got an email. It says to dress nicely for the Awards Night part of the Continuum X convention.

No, I didn’t secretly pull a Beyoncé and publish something and then get awarded a Ditmar without telling you all. (As if I could.) It’s rather lower-key than that. But it’s a thing. A good thing. I will post less mysteriously about it after the night.

As far as Continuum X goes, I’m a panelist on four panels covering a range of topics: The Big Bang Theory, Writing Fanfic, Othered Sexuality, and the Gets Personal panel at which I’ll be talking about my experiences with mental illness and queer sexuality. (As two separate topics, I must stress!) I also plan to be all over the place in between those things. If you want to find me, it’s probably safer to tweet at me or something, because I have over two thousand spam comments on this blog and no idea how to filter the fuckers.

And as far as uni goes, I’m nearly done with the first semester of the MComm. So far I’ve had a mixture of marks for the Research subject but also the feedback that my project topic (how the media represent transgender people and how they could do it better) will make a great Masters final project (there was mention of it being PhD material; I tried not to hide under a table). My fiction screenplay treatment was well received (Distinction!) and I got told I was gifted, so my ego is now offering early morning hot-air balloon rides over the city.

It’s still only the start of what will be a long journey, but I’m feeling pretty good.

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