Changing goals

I’ve had a horrendous November healthwise. I got diagnosed with bilateral ulnar nerve entrapment at Guyon’s canal, which basically means both my wrists are stuffed. I’m wearing a splint on my left hand to help ease the pressure, since it’s worse. I can’t quite type as fast as usual, but I’m getting there. Then last week I had a horrible back day (I have a lumbar hernia) and I couldn’t get up, at least until I sneezed and my nose started gushing blood, which meant I struggled to the bathroom to bleed in the basin instead of on the sheets. And then at 1.30 AM on Wednesday I woke up coughing and threw up so much I ended up having to go to hospital, since I was staying at a friend’s place and thus nowhere near my own GP (as if he’d be up at 1.30 AM anyway).

So instead of aiming for 50K for NaNoWriMo this year (I’m currently at 27,303 words), I’m aiming to a) hit 30K and b) finish the current chapter I’ve just started. Then my game plan for next November is to write 50K across four different projects, namely the four unfinished works in the Sharehouse series, to get as many of those to completed first draft stage as I can.

The other big goal that’s changing relates to my Masters. I had a whole course structure planned, and I have pretty much stuck to it so far, except that I dropped Electronic Publishing as it didn’t quite fit in with my plans after all. Unfortunately not all the subjects I wanted to do in the second year are on offer. In fact, only one of them — Law and Regulation — will be going ahead in 2015. So I’m looking at subjects from the Master of Media, since that was suggested to me by one of the MComm admin people (Carey, who has been all kinds of helpful).

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