C13: some things I counted

  • Times I used the lift from ground to first floor instead of the stairs: 6.
  • Times I cried: 1 sad, 1 happy/sad, 1 happy
  • Nights I pulled the spare blanket over my head because it was so bloody cold: 1
  • Nights I kicked all the covers off because it was so bloody hot: 1
  • Times I looked at the time and thought ‘I should really be in bed’: definitely lost count
  • Times I was woken up by construction across the road at 7AM: 4
  • Times I wasn’t woken up by construction across the road at 7AM when I really could’ve been up at 7AM: 1
  • Naps I had: 0
  • Times I had Boost Juice instead of Up & Go for breakfast: 1
  • Times I had Up & Go for breakfast but then caved at 11AM and got a McMuffin: 1
  • Restaurants that made me homicidal: 1
  • Hot chips that made me feel like they’d bitten my tongue: 1
  • Times I babbled at Hespa and transposed words in my sentences: at least 5
  • Amazing people I met: all of them
  • People’s names I totally flaked on despite having known them for years: 1
  • Panels I had cancelled: 1
  • Number of people who asked me for info on the cancelled panel: 5
  • Number of seagulls that Seanan summoned with her bucket of hot chips at the zoo: 45-50.

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