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Pre-orders open for The Fear Collectors!

Pre-orders are now open for The Fear Collectors, over on the Satalyte Publishing website.

The paperback is AUD$26.99, while the e-book is AUD$4.99.

The release date has not yet been finalised, but this is a book I have finished writing (as opposed to one of those mythical creatures, a book that’s been contracted but not yet written), so it’s just a matter of working out the editing and publishing schedule.

Here’s the blurb that I wrote for the website (blurb writing is not my strong point):

The Fear Clinic promises relief from the phobias; common to rare, that plague so many people. But Erica isn’t convinced that it’s working for her sister Missy. In fact, Missy seems to be getting worse, instead of better.

With the help of her best friend, Toby, Erica starts delving into the background of the clinic and soon finds that not everything is as it seems. She becomes determined to get Missy out of there, before Missy can end up like some of the clinic’s past patients—dead.

But will she succeed—or will the Fear Clinic claim her and Toby as well as Missy?

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Acceptance: ‘Pictures and Memories’ (LT3 general submissions)

This short story was originally submitted to LT3’s Silver and Gold May-December relationships anthology, but was declined due to lack of space. I was encouraged to resub it to LT3 as a general submission, did so, and got the good news on the first of April. I think it’s a credit to my slowly growing self-confidence that I didn’t immediately assume it was an April Fool’s joke.

When I say ‘short’ story, it’s just over 10,000 words and will be published as an e-book.

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