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Satalyte Author Page

Look! It’s me!

Also I am on the Satalyte Authors Twitter list, which I just had to take a screenshot of:

Image showing my Twitter handle among others on Satalyte's author list

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I renamed The Vector Recalibration to The Triad Trial because in the end the story hadn’t had as much maths in it as I’d intended, so a really mathsy title, even one referencing triangles, wasn’t going to work.

I also renamed it because people have been asking if I title my books based on the style of the Big Bang Theory episode titles. I don’t.

In 2003 I didn’t win NaNoWriMo and my book was called Postmodernism Stole My Dingo. In 2004 I did win NaNo and my book was called The Littlest Halfling. The next year’s book was The Golden Players and that also broke 50K. Not content to stick with existing superstition, I made up my own: I would only reach 50K during November if my book title was ‘The [something] [something]’.

This held true right up to 2014, when a horrific battle with bronchitis, including a hospital visit, meant that The Saints’ March only reached 30K. That was fine since I’d only expected to get to 25K, so I was actually pretty pleased with myself.

The fact is I’m dreadful at titles. If I can stick to a formula for myself, then I will. I wish I could do single-word ones like Stephen King does (IT, Cell, 11/22/63), or clever Shakespeare references like Seanan McGuire (Rosemary and Rue, the entire October Daye series). To be honest though I’m more likely to use P!nk lyrics or oblique Red Dwarf references.

It’s funny how writers can commit thousands and thousands of words to the page, and yet when it comes to encapsulating those thousands of words in just a few words, we are tongue-tied.

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Decline/Resub: ‘Pictures and Memories’

‘Pictures and Memories’
To Silver and Gold (Less Than Three Press)
Date submitted: 26th February
Date declined: 7th March
Date resubbed: 7th March
To Less Than Three Press as a general submission
Anticipated response time: 4-6 weeks

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