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MComm update – July 2014

I got a Credit for Story, Genre, and Medium — I nearly got a Distinction, but my non-fiction screenplay wasn’t quite as amazing and wonderful as my fiction screenplay, which is only to be expected because I’m a fiction writer, not a non-fiction writer.

Except maybe not, because I got a High Distinction for Professional Research and Evaluation, and that’s the non-fictioniest non-fiction you can get, really. I blame it on my passion for proper media representation of GSMs — that’s Gender and Sexual Minorities and is the quickest way of saying trans and bi and asexual and intersex and lesbian and gay and… well, you get the idea. (My preferred term is QUILTBAG or just queer, but I’m toying with GSM as a more academic-sounding term. Although writing a paper on ‘giblets’ would be fabulous.)

I really have to commend Dr. Jonathan Smith as a lecturer and tutor for this subject. He referred to us all as ‘researchers’ throughout the semester, and by the end of the semester I felt I’d earned the title with his guidance and suggestions for how to take my personal interests and tighten the focus on them to make the basis for a research paper.

I’m two weeks into second semester now. My two subjects are Electronic Publishing and Editing Principles and Practice. Both are nice small classes (I think the enrolment cap was 30?). I’m enjoying Editing immensely as a refresher for skills I learned when I did the Grad Dip in Editing and Publishing; I was glad to see that my copyediting skills haven’t declined too much. (I love Track Changes in MS Word, but boy oh boy is it not the same as pen and paper editing!) Electronic Publishing is interesting and one assignment involves website creation, so my vague ideas of learning CSS ‘one day’ might need to get kicked up a notch.

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