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Complexly inferior

I have my first class for Story, Genre, and Medium tomorrow (yeah, I am sticking to the subject plan I made months ago, as far as possible). It’s actually a two-day intensive workshop. At which, I fear, I will be unmasked as the total fraud that I am.

There’s a discussion board for what people want to achieve with their storytelling, what message they want to send out. Other people have said things about capitalism, asylum seekers, and other big important topics.

My post on there basically boils down to ‘um duh hi I write book’.

I shall continue to hope that there will be other people who are just out to tell a story in the subject, since not everyone who is in the subject has posted to this discussion board (I know this because more people have posted in the intros thread than in this other thread and I can still manage basic mathematics even if I can’t break my stories down into political soundbites).

Or I could turn up tomorrow in my Bazinga t-shirt and earnestly tell everyone why Chuck Lorre needs a punch in the junk.

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