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Everything is coming up Lauren!

I’m officially enrolled in the Master of Communication at RMIT, commencing in 2014, with the exact classes I wanted. It only took a couple of login attempts (my account got locked on my first attempt!) and a mad scramble for my birth certificate, but it’s all done.

Also, my first novel is currently in the hands of the lovely and capable Vanessa Lanaway, who will be shredding it to bits (I hope!) and then we’ll see what rises from the, um, bits of shredded paper. (That got away from me a bit.)

I’m terrified about these big things, but I’m definitely excited, and that’s the main thing.

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I put my application in for the Master of Communication at RMIT just a couple of days ago. I wasn’t expecting a reply until after the 31st of October, when applications close.

Instead, I got an email this afternoon to say that I’ve been accepted and my information pack is in the post!

I am super excited for this opportunity and looking forward to getting back to studying.

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Social media and publishing

I’m starting to think that the Internet was made just for me as a special shiny toy.

I semi-idly tweeted earlier today on what I will charitably call my ‘fangirl account’ (also my ‘swearing about things’ account) about self-publishing and within the space of a couple of hours I had two offers from editors to check out the novel I’d like to put out there, and right now I’m DMing Daniel White from Unicus Agency about ways of using social media in marketing.

Not only is this potentially going to kick-start my career as a published writer, it’s also going to be great fuel for the MComm!

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Master of Communication

I’ve emailed RMIT regarding getting into the Master of Communication in 2014. My plan is to take the course part-time over three years. It will refresh my editing and writing skills as well as further my research skills. The prospect is both scary and fun!

Here are the subjects I’m thinking of taking. I’m posting this here mostly as a reminder to myself but partly because if I make it public it’s harder to take it back!

Year One

Semester One

COMM1178 Professional Research and Evaluation

COMM2530 Story, Genre and Medium

Semester Two

COMM1126 Editing Principles and Practice

COMM1130 Electronic Publishing

Year Two

Semester One

COMM1132 Writing for the Media

COMM1179 Law and Regulation

Semester Two

COMM2057 Ethics, Philosophy and Professional Communication

COMM2199 Literary Journalism: The Art and Craft of Telling True Stories

Year Three

COMM2478 Global Media and Communication Industries

MKTG1183 Masters Seminar

GRAP2495 Professional Practice


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